Out of the Blue

My apologies, Elizabeth Gilbert.

I can’t touch you in the writing department, and nobody will be buying a ticket to see my life experiences on a big screen anytime soon, but I have reinvented your tagline and am claiming “Love, Write, Walk” as my own. Not so original, I know, but catchy just the same. Thank you for the great idea. No hard feelings.

I came to Madrid this time with one focus and one focus only. To write. To work on my book. And maybe to buy gloves at Santacana and those great little Italian bags on Calle Mayor.

What has unfolded for me is more than gloves, purses and even the book, which patiently awaits my words to create the perfect chemistry of syntax in order to see completion.

I have found a relationship with a special someone. It seems that while my laser beam focus was on writing, the universe decided it was time to throw me a curve ball and see if my eye would divert from my laptop to follow its trajectory. It was too powerful to ignore.  

As if it weren’t good enough already here, the terrific bar has been raised a couple hundred notches by the mischievous hand of surprise. It seems like this serendipity materializes out of nothingness, from nowhere. But I don’t believe that life works that way.  This sort of manifesting equates with playing guitar, and all the hours of practice in preparation to bring forth a piece. I’ve been preparing myself for a long time and asking the powers that be for please, just one more last opportunity, one more chance for the-getting-up-there-in-her years blond gal to get relationship right. You might know the deal. Therapy, meditation, prayer, manifestation lists, other spiritual practices, mindfulness, sobriety and more. Uggh the list is a long one.  The road paved with these teachings and the ownership of them, has been a long one. Emotional, spiritual and mental change does not occur over night.

Surprise! I caught that ball smack in the middle and snug in my mitt. It’s mine.

And I think it’s a keeper.

Have you wanted something  that suddenly came to you , as if out of the blue?

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