This Moment and A Love Affair (with Madrid)

Freeze this moment, stop time. Stop thought. Just be.  

Being present to the moments of life to the point that time does not exist and the connection to spirit and life vibrates with intensity – electric and powerful. My soul lights up, serotonin courses through my bloodstream. Or did I have just one too many expressos? Haha.

Last night I had a conversation with my new friends about the idea of “living in the moment”. Expats have chosen Madrid for the quality of all those moments that constitute life here.

There is a great sense of passion. People talking, hands gesticulating, streets full of hustle and bustle, and some not quite so.  Gelato on the go, coffee breaks at a quaint café. How would one not feel the great energy here, in this majestic city, pulsating with beauty, movement and life? What is in the proverbial water here that makes me so intoxicated? (By the way, the water in Madrid is some of Spain’s finest, filtered through limestone and completely potable and delicious. If you consider water delicious.)

Madrid has seduced me with her dazzling fountains illuminated in rainbows of light against the night sky. Her monumental buildings and statues fill me with awe, especially when lit. (We lack majestic horse drawn chariots atop government buildings back home in Los Angeles.)

Madrid is a city to walk and explore, while soaking up her fascinating history. The streets and multitudes of plazas all have distinct vibes and a plethora of cafes, bars, and restaurants, all full of people who are warm and welcoming.  I love meandering the narrow streets, wondering why Google has instructed me to keep straight when it looks like I should turn left as I search for the cloistered nuns who bake and sell their cookies.

And the food – Spain’s cuisine is varied and incredible.  Vegan? No problem. Kosher? A little more challenging. Michelin stars? You’ve come to the right place! Last night’s dinner at a restaurant that describes its gastronomy as “recognizable, light and with an eclectic touch” was grilled veggies, wild rice with crisp duck, and artichokes Romanesco. A flavorful meal I’d like to preserve in a time capsule and open back home, when I’m about to sit down with my usual ice cream and popcorn for dinner. UGH. (Don’t judge! Lazy and single women can eat whatever they want.)

I‘m hooked. I am having a love affair with this city, with this experience. I am blessed. I am lucky, I am grateful.

This is a great moment.

Have you ever had a love affair with a city? I’d love to hear about it. Please tell me stories of your own love affairs in the comments below? (And remember to subscribe if you’ve yet to do so!)

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